Laser welding is the superior choice

Phoenix Laser Solutions’ Brookville, Indiana shop offers laser welding services in the heart of the manufacturing belt, serving the Indianapolis, Cincinnati, OH., and Louisville, KY areas. We chose this point to keep your tooling costs under control and get critical repairs done quickly.

While our Indiana location is new, our highly trained staff and technicians have more than 30 years of laser welding experience and vast knowledge of laser welding applications in virtually all sectors of industry. With access to more than 20 laser welding machines, including mobile laser welders, we regularly perform a wide variety of applications in manufacturing, production, and tool and die repair.

We have no size or quantity restrictions, operate the largest laser welding machines in the U.S., and we can tackle jobs that other welding companies cannot. Our clients enjoy fast turnaround, including 24-hour turnaround when necessary.

Phoenix Laser Solutions has mastered the laser welding process for repairing plastic injection molds including restoring worn edges and blemished molding surfaces, EDM pitting, and other common manufacturing errors and revisions. We can laser weld most tool steels, CPM materials, Beryllium Copper, Aluminum, Inconel, Titanium and other super Alloys. We have been very successful in welding dissimilar materials like beryllium copper and 420 stainless steel to provide superior cooling and improved wear on shutoff, pinch, and high wear areas.

Laser welding continues to show its dominance in the repair of plastic injection tooling and die casting dies and molds. It’s a superior and highly efficient choice in manufacturing applications for medical, aerospace, electric battery production, energy projects, and many other industries.

Laser welding advantages include:

  • Zero to minimal distortion
  • Undetectable welds
  • Refined¬†microstructure
  • Minimal base metal dilution
  • Join “unweldable” alloys and dissimilar metals
  • Minimal HAZ
  • Improved hardness
  • Super precise welds
  • No pre or post-heating required
  • Less pre and post-processing required by machine shops
  • Zero to minimal sink/underfill
  • Possible color match
  • Automation capable

Our laser welders, manufactured by Alpha Laser, feature tilting and turning optics which allow our laser welding technicians to tilt the beam up to 40 degrees and perform a full 360-degree rotation on the workpiece. Other laser welders can only shoot directly onto the workpiece and it’s impossible for them to bend or flex the beam in different directions. Alpha Lasers also have extreme flexibility with positioning, including mobile laser welders which can be driven directly to the materials being welded. These advances in technology offer a wide range of applications for our laser welding services.

Alpha Lasers are indisputably the fastest laser welders available. The pulse range of our laser welders are 1x to 100x per second compared to other laser welders which range from 10x to 25x per second. We also ensure that every pulse is consistent in power to ensure superior welding.