While Phoenix Laser Solutions is best known for our laser welding applications

we offer a wide range of services at our Brookville, IN. facility.

Laser Welding

Our laser welding technicians are experts at tool and die repair and plastic injection mold repair and refurbishment. We also repair EDM pitting and other common manufacturing errors and revisions. Our three generations of industry experience provide deep insight into understanding your requirements.

Laser Engraving

Phoenix Laser offers the most advanced 3D laser engraving available and can engrave nearly any surface. Add part identification, logos, serial numbers, barcode, cavity id’s, and other info on molds, parts, and components.

Waterjet Cutting

Our highly accurate waterjet cutting services allow us to complete jobs our competitors can’t. Surfaces cut by waterjet have no heat affected areas, need no secondary machining, and can easily hold close tolerances.

Engineering and Project Management

Phoenix Laser offers help with product design and build, project management, mechanical engineering, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO).


With over 40 years of experience, our metallography lab provides all-in-one service, from precision part sectioning through reporting and technical evaluation. 

EDM Graphite

Phoenix Laser solutions offers American made graphite for EDM electrodes. Our EDM graphite performs better or equal to POCO at a more competitive price.